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Abbeydale of Sheffield; South Yorkshire
Dodgem 3.9% abv
Moonshine 4.3% abv
Abstract Jungle of Langley Mill; Derbyshire
Mosaic Pale 4.9% abv
Restless Golden 4.5% abv
Acorn of Barnsley; South Yorkshire
Decades 4.5% abv
Adnams of Southwold; Suffolk
Barrel Aged Stout 6.7% abv [FS]
Broadside 4.7% abv
Free Wheel 3.6% abv
Ghost Ship 4.5% abv
Mosaic 4.1% abv
Southwold Bitter 3.7% abv
T-Drop 4% abv
Aire Heads of Goole; East Yorkshire
Reet Good Middle 'N 4% abv
Anarchy of Stannington; Northumberland
Guzzolene 5.4% abv
Quiet Riot 6.6% abv
Angles Ales of Peterborough
H.M.S. Glatton 7.4% abv
Necromancer 5.5% abv
Principia Imperial Stout 8% abv
Ten Horsepower 4.3% abv
Arbor of Bristol; Avon
S-Bomb 4.7% abv
Shangri-La 4.3% abv
Ashley Carr/ Xtreme Ales of Peterborough
Duke of Jarl 3.8% abv
Ashover of Clay Cross; Derbyshire
Amberella 4.6% abv
Austendyke Ales of Weston Hills; Lincolnshire
Brexit 5% abv
Hogsgate 5% abv
Long Lane 4% abv
Bad Co. of Dishforth; North Yorkshire
Citra Pale 4.5% abv
Yorkshire Bitter 3.8% abv
Bad Seed of Malton; North Yorkshire
Punch Bowl 3.8% abv
Bakers Dozen of Ketton; Rutland
Belgian Allsorts 4.7% abv
Electric Landlady 5% abv
System of a Brown 4.1% abv
Tell Me Rye' 5.1% abv
The Big Twig 5.5% abv
Barsham of West Barsham; Norfolk [NB]
Barsham Oaks 3.6% abv
Knot Just Another I.P.A. 5% abv
Batemans of Wainfleet; Lincs
Skull & Hammers 4% abv
Summer Swallow 3.9% abv
XB 3.7% abv
XXXB 4.8% abv
Yella Belly Gold 3.9% abv
Beartown of Congleton; Cheshire
Bearly Literate 4.5% abv
Peach Melbear 4.4% abv
Beer Ink of Lindley; West Yorkshire
ImperialRaspberryMShakeStt 8.1% abv
LeaveBeforeLightComesOn 6% abv
Bexar County of Peterborough
Burn the lines 4.2% abv
Raspberry Treat 5.4% abv
Tropical Storm 4.2% abv
Where Have U Bean all my life 7.4% abv
Billericay of Billericay; Essex
Billericay Dickie 4.2% abv
Chilli Porter 5.9% abv
Bingley of Bingley; West Yorkshire
Garden Fox 4.3% abv
Hop Shot 4% abv
Birmingham of Birmingham B30
Gold Brummie 5.5% abv
Black Storm of Whitley Bay; Tyne & Wear [NB]
Blonde 4% abv
Gold 4.3% abv
Porter 5.2% abv
Blackjack of Manchester
Snip Snap Snorum 4.6% abv
Blackjack & Trackside Bar of Manchester
Dampfbier 5.8% abv
Blackjack/2nd City Coffee of Manchester
Signature 4.5% abv
Blackpit of Buckingham; Bucks.
Day Tripper 3.8% abv
Indian Ink 6% abv
Blue Bee of Sheffield; South Yorkshire
American 5 Hop V31 4.3% abv
Mango Milkshake Pale 4.5% abv
Blue Bell of Whaplode St Catherine; Lincs.
Ingle Dingle 5.1% abv
New Honesty 4.1% abv
Tilly's Golden Tipple 3.7% abv
Blue Monkey of Nottingham; Nottinghamshire
Funky Gibbon 4.1% abv
Infinity I.P.A. 4.6% abv
Boss of Swansea; West Glamorgan
Brett 5% abv
Copacobana 3.9% abv
Branscombe Vale of Branscombe; Devon
Summa That 5% abv
Summa This 4.2% abv
Brass Castle of Malton; North Yorkshire
Burnout 5.8% abv
Hazelnut Mild 4.2% abv
Quench 3.2% abv
Brew York of York; North Yorkshire
JARSA 3.7% abv
Kiwi 5% abv
Brewed Pony/Miletree of Peterborough
My Name is Mud 4.2% abv
Brewsters of Grantham; Lincolnshire
Krafty Kiwi 4% abv
Libertas 4.5% abv
Rasp-Beer-Rye 4.8% abv
Britt of Rowley Regis; West Midlands [NB]
Brew Brittania 4.2% abv
Brothers in Arms of Collaboration Brew; Yorkshire
So Far Away 7% abv
Brown Cow of Barlow; North Yorkshire
Thriller in Vanilla 5.1% abv
Bumbling @ Xtreme of Peterborough [NB]
Citra I.P.A. 4.3% abv
Hazlenut Chocolate Overload 5% abv
Cairngorm of Aviemore; Inverness
Black Gold 4.4% abv
Wildcat 5.1% abv
Campervan of Edinburgh
Leith Juice Orange I.P.A. 5.7% abv
The Hoppy Botanist 3.8% abv
Castle Rock of Nottingham
Black Gold 3.5% abv
Elsie Mo 4.7% abv
Harvest Pale 3.8% abv
Castor of Castor; Cambs.
All nature has a feeling 6% abv [FS]
And What is Life-an hour glass on the run 6% abv [FS]
Hopping Toad 4.1% abv
Old Scarlett 4.3% abv
Principal Porter 5% abv
Roman Mosaic 4.2% abv [FS]
Chapter of Sutton Weaver; Cheshire
Dead Man's Fist Porter 5.5% abv
Parabola 4.7% abv
Crankshaft of Leyland; Lancashire
English I.P.A. 5% abv
Crate of Hackney Wick; London E9
Golden 3.8% abv
Dancing Duck of Derby; Derbyshire
22 4.3% abv
Dcuk 4.3% abv
Dig Brew of Digbeth; Birmingham [NB]
Stout 4.1% abv
Digfield of Lilford; Northants.
Aged Old Crow Porter 4.3% abv
Barnwell Bitter 4% abv
Chiff Chaff 3.9% abv
Mad Monk 4.8% abv
Dunham Massey of Dunham Massey; Cheshire
Chocolate Cherry Mild 3.8% abv
Durham of Durham; County Durham
Elderflower Pale 4.2% abv
Electric Bear of Bath; Somerset
Big Up Wai-iti 4.8% abv
Ground Below 5.2% abv
Elgood's of Wisbech; Cambridgeshire
Beer Goggles 5% abv
Black Dog 3.6% abv
Cambridge Bitter 3.8% abv
Golden Newt 4.1% abv
Elland of Elland; West Yorkshire
1872 Porter 6.5% abv
Chinook 4.3% abv
Exit 33 of Sheffield; South Yorkshire
Double Citra 4.3% abv
Fable (Cuckoo) of Great Wakerling; Essex
Elixir Gold 3.8% abv
Fixed Wheel of Blackheath; W. Midlands
Chain Reaction Pale 4.2% abv
Quick Release Table Beer 3% abv
Flash House of North Shields; Tyne & Wear
Apricot & Passion Fruit Wheat ?.?% abv
Iron Dwarf 4.2% abv
Forge of Woolley Cross; Cornwall
Litehouse 4.3% abv
Framework of Leicester; Lecestershire
Fox Paw 4% abv
Winder 4.6% abv
Fyne Ales of Cairndow; Argyll
Jarl 3.8% abv
Sublime Stout 6.8% abv
Geeves of Barnsley; South Yorkshire
?.?% abv
Georges of Great Wakerling; Essex
Child of the Jago 4.4% abv
Cockle Boats 4% abv
Golden Triangle of Norwich; Norfolk
Elderflowerpower (Unfined) 4.2% abv
Mosaic City 3.8% abv
Mosaic City Special 3.8% abv [FS]
Grain of Alburgh; Norfolk
Redwood 4.3% abv
Slate 6% abv
Grainstore of Oakham; Rutland
Beesting 4.5% abv
Red Kite 3.8% abv
Rutland Bitter 3.4% abv
Rutland Panther 3.4% abv
Granite Rock of Penryn; Cornwall
Summer Solstice 4% abv
Great Heck of Great Heck; South Yorkshire
Epiphany 4.5% abv
Voodoo Mild 4.3% abv
Great Oakley of Tiffield; Northants.
Gobble 4.5% abv
Tiffield Thunderbolt 4.2% abv
Welland Valley Mild 3.8% abv
Great Western of Bristol; Avon
Maiden Voyage 4% abv
Old Higby 4.8% abv
Green Duck of Stourbridge; West Midlands
Hysteria 4.2% abv
Green Jack of Lowestoft; Suffolk
Jester 4.4% abv
Manderina Orange 4.2% abv
Ripper 8.5% abv
Hadrian Border of Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyneside Blonde 3.9% abv
Harveys of Lewes; Sussex
Dark Mild 3% abv
Lewes Castle Brown Ale 4.8% abv
Heavy Industry of Henllan; Clwyd
Collaborator 5% abv
Nelson's Eye 4.4% abv
Hop Back of Downton; Wiltshire
Hop Fest 4.5% abv
Taiphoon 4.3% abv
Hop Studio of York; North Yorkshire
Mosaic 4.3% abv
X ?.?% abv
Hopshackle of Market Deeping; Lincs.
American Pale Ale 4.3% abv
Hopnosis 5.2% abv
Tobacco Dock Porter 5.8% abv [FS]
Token's Tribute 2018 4% abv [FS]
Horncastle of Horncastle; Lincolnshire
Dragons Flame 4.3% abv
Wicked Blonde 3.9% abv
Horsforth of Horsforth; West Yorkshire
Pale 4.8% abv
Howling Hops of Hackney Wick; London E9
Chocolate Stout 4.8% abv
Pale XX 5.2% abv
Humpty Dumpty of Reedham; Norfolk
Broadland Sunrise 4.1% abv
Humpty Dumpty/NBB of Reedham; Norfolk
Calamity 4.1% abv
Hunters of Ipplepen; Devon
Crispy Pig 4% abv
Imperial / Steel City of Mexborough/SheffieldSYorks.
Kate put the Hops in 4.5% abv
Kelham Island of Sheffield; South Yorkshire
Rkid 5.5% abv
Shooting Stars 4.2% abv
Keppels of Rochford; Essex [NB]
One of Those Days 6.8% abv
Tipsy Crow Stout 5% abv
King's Cliffe of King's Cliffe; Northants.
5C 3.8% abv
66Degrees 4.2% abv
No. 10 4% abv
P51 5.1% abv
Kinver of Kinver; Staffordshire
Nightjar Mild 4.3% abv
The Kids are Ale Right 4.5% abv
Lacons of Great Yarmouth; Norfolk
Embankment 4.5% abv [FS]
Encore 3.8% abv
Imperial Stout 8% abv
Yarmouth Red 4.7% abv
Yarmouth Strong 7% abv
Leeds of Leeds; West Yorkshire
Hip Hop 4.5% abv
Leigh on Sea of Leigh on Sea; Essex [NB]
Crowstone 5.5% abv
Six Little Ships 4.2% abv
SS9 ?.?% abv
Lenton Lane of Nottingham; Nottinghamshire
Amaretto Outpost 4.5% abv
Bluebird 3.8% abv
Mallinson's of Huddersfield; West Yorkshire
Dreaming 4.6% abv
Huell Melon 4.2% abv
Mantle of Cardigan; Dyfed
Dark Heart 5.2% abv
Moho 4.3% abv
Mauldons of Sudbury; Suffolk
Blackberry Porter 4.8% abv
Lemon Adder 4% abv
Mile Tree of Peterborough
Citra Blonde 3.7% abv
Honey Porter 5.2% abv
Larksong 4.5% abv
Mosaica I.P.A. 5.9% abv
Rolling Mile 3.6% abv
Mill Valley of Cleakheaton; West Yorkshire
Panther Pale 3.8% abv
Mourne Mountains of Warrenpoint; County Down
Barneys Bitter 3.9% abv
Fierce Mild 3.7% abv
Navigation of Nottingham; Nottinghamshire
Belgian Blonde 5% abv
Saviour 5.5% abv
TheAnswertoLifetheUniverse 4.2% abv [FS]
Neepsend of Sheffield; South Yorkshire
Erebus 4.8% abv
Nene Valley of Oundle; Northants.
Big Bang Theory 5.3% abv
Bourbon B.A. BibleBlack KK 6.5% abv
Egyptian Cream 4.5% abv
Manhatten Project 4% abv
Pulping on your Stereo 4.5% abv
Release the Chimps 4.4% abv
Simple Pleasures 3.6% abv
Supersonic (KeyKeg) 6% abv
New Wharf of Maidenhead; Berkshire [NB]
Blackcurrant & Liqourish Stout 5% abv
Tea With Erin 4.5% abv
Transatlantic Black I.P.A. 6.5% abv
Newby Wyke of Grantham; Lincs
Banquo 3.8% abv
Black Beerd's Oat Malt Stout 4.3% abv
Festive Delight 5% abv
Lusty 4.4% abv
Nightjar of Mytholmroyd; West Yorkshire
Kalifornia 4.4% abv
Nobby's of Thrapston; Northants
Celeia 4% abv
Chocolate Porter 4.4% abv
Nine Arches 4.4% abv
Swift Nick 4.2% abv
North Riding of East Ayton; North Yorkshire
Enigma 4.5% abv
Tiramisu Porter 4.5% abv
Oakham of Peterborough
Citra 4.2% abv
Hawse Buckler 5.6% abv
Mompesson's Gold 5.2% abv
White Dwarf 4.3% abv
Oldershaws of Barkston Heath; Lincs.
John's Brew 3.8% abv
Mosaic Blonde 4.3% abv
Ossett of Ossett; West Yorkshire
Big Red 4% abv
Happy Birthday 4.3% abv
Ossett / Fernandes of Wakefield; West Yorkshire
Cherry Chocolate Stout 4.5% abv
Rhubard & Custard 4% abv
Ossett / Rat of Huddersfield; West Yorkshire
Mr. Ratty 4.8% abv
White Rat 4% abv
Ossett / Riverhead of Marsden; West Yorkshire
Standedge Pale 4.3% abv
Outgang of Kinsley; West Yorkshire
Tailgate Ripper 3.9% abv
Panther of Reepham; Norfolk
American Pale Ale 4.2% abv
Beast of the East 5.5% abv
Papworth of Earith; Cambs.
Crystal Ship 4.2% abv
Koura 5.7% abv
Mild Thing 3.5% abv
Twotti Frutti Too 3.8% abv
Parish of Burrough on the Hill; Leics
Baz's Bonce Blower 12.3% abv
Elderflower Special 4.2% abv [FS]
Farm Gold 4% abv
Potton of Potton; Bedfordshire [NB]
Vampire Heart 4.4% abv
Vampire Heart 4.4% abv
West of the Sun 3.6% abv
Purple Cow of Kettering; Northants.
Over the Hill 6% abv
Vanilla Porter 4.6% abv
Quantock of Wellington; Somerset
Nightjar 4.5% abv
Sunraker 4.2% abv
Raven of Quoyloo; Orkney Isles
Corncrake 4.1% abv
Raven Ale 3.8% abv
Redcastle of Carmyllie; Angus
Norseman 4.2% abv
Revolutions of
Switch #10 4.5% abv
Swoon 4.5% abv
X ?.?% abv
Roam of Plymouth; Devon
Porter 5.2% abv
Rock & Roll of Birmingham B1
Let England Shake 4.5% abv
Rocket Ales of Great Staughton; Cambs.
Bloodhound Bitter 4.2% abv
Maverick Honey Ale 4% abv
Sidewinder 4% abv
Sour Strong Black Arrow 5.8% abv
Vostock Stout 4.6% abv
Rockingham of Blatherwyke; Northants
BringMetheHopsAlfredoGarcia 4.2% abv
Gringo Robot 4.1% abv
Hop Devil 3.9% abv
Ice Cream Pale Ale 5% abv
Tropical I.P.A. 5% abv
Roosters of Knaresborough
25th Anniversary Pale Ale 4.3% abv
Alternative Facts 6.5% abv
Rudgate of Tockwith; North Yorkshire
Calypso 4.1% abv
Ruby Mild 4.4% abv
Salopian of Hadnall; Shropshire
Hoptwister 4.5% abv
Kashmir 5.5% abv
Kinetic 6.5% abv
Sentinnel of Sheffield; South Yorkshire
American Red 5.2% abv
Settle of Settle; North Yorkshire
Earl Grey I.P.A. 4.4% abv
Sheffield of Sheffield; South Yorkshire
Morning Glory 3.7% abv
Silver Street of Bury; Lancashire [NB]
Session 3.9% abv
Skinner's of Truro; Cornwall
Betty Stoggs Ale 4% abv
Cornish Knocker 4.5% abv
Snaggletooth of Darwen; Lancashire
Deja Brewed 4% abv
St Austell of St Austell; Cornwall
Menha Dubh 4.5% abv
Proper Black 6% abv
Tribute 4.2% abv
When the Tide Goes Out 4% abv
St. Peters of South Elmham; Suffolk
Plum Porter 4.6% abv
Top Notch 4% abv
Stealth of Melksham; Wiltshire [NB]
Stealth 3.9% abv
Surreptitious 7.3% abv
Stoney Ford of Oakham; Rutland
All Saints Mighty Amber 4.2% abv
PE9 Paradise Pale 3.9% abv
SheepmarketSupanovaStraw 3.8% abv
Strathaven of Craigmill; Lanarkshire
Claverhouse Red 4.5% abv
Old Mortality 80/- 4.2% abv
Swannay of Birsey; Orkney Isles
Pale 4.7% abv
Scapa Special 4.2% abv
Theakston of Masham; North Yorkshire
Grouse Beater 4.2% abv
Old Peculier 5.6% abv
Thornbridge of Ashford-in-the-Water; Derbys.
Jaipur 5.9% abv
Strawberry Lucaria 4.5% abv
Three Blind Mice of Little Downham; Cambs.
Fags & Coffee 8% abv
Milk Worm 5.3% abv
Nothing Rhymes with Orange 4% abv
Old Brown Mouse 4.2% abv
Three Blind Mice/Bakers Dozen of Little Downham/Ketton
Citra New England I.P.A. 5.3% abv
Three Brothers of Stockton on Tees;Co.Durham
Ruby Revolution 4.6% abv
Three Hills of Thrapston; Northants.
Heidrun Pale 5% abv
Lemon&Cardomom Farmh'se 5.2% abv
Three Kings of North Shields; Tyne & Wear
Shieldsman Bitter 3.8% abv
Three Shires of Worcester; Worcestershire
Salt Mine Stout 4.6% abv
Timothy Taylor of Keighley; West Yorkshire
Cook Lane I.P.A. 5.8% abv
Knowle Spring Blonde 4.2% abv
Tintagel of Tintagel; Cornwall
Poldark 4.5% abv
Tiny Rebel of Newport; Gwent
Cwtch 4.6% abv
Juicy 4.8% abv
Strawberry Milkshake 4.2% abv
Titanic of Stoke on Trent; Staffordshire
Classic Mild 3.5% abv
Plum Porter 4.9% abv
Top Out of Loanhead; Midlothian
Drei Hopped 2.8% abv
Smoked Porter 5.6% abv
Totally Brewed of Nottingham
Crazy like a Fox 5.5% abv
Guardian of the Forest 3.8% abv
Twisted Angel of Beverley; East Yorkshire [NB]
Coffee & Cacao Stout 4.4% abv
Twisted Oak of Wrington; Somerset
Dodger 4.8% abv
Leveret 4.6% abv
Tydd Steam of Tydd St. Giles; Cambs.
Barn Ale 3.9% abv
Black Bush 4.2% abv [FS]
Black Sand 5% abv [FS]
Dr. Foxs Bush Wax 4.2% abv [FS]
Dr. Foxs Chicken Choker 4.6% abv
Sandman 5% abv
Vale of Glamorgan of Barry; South Glamorgan
Portland Pale 4% abv
Wander Beyond of Manchester [NB]
Peak 3.8% abv
Warm ?Face/ Xtreme Ales of Peterborough
Pidley Cheeks 6% abv
Welbeck Abbey of Welbeck Worksop; Notts.
Duck Decoy 4.6% abv
Kaiser 4.1% abv
Weldon of Rushden; Northants.
Cupola 3.6% abv
Forty Thirst Amendment 4.9% abv
Haggis Hurlers Revenge 5.4% abv
Mad Max 4.4% abv
Thor 4.2% abv
Welland of Spalding; Lincolnshire [NB]
Run Rabbit Run, YFM 4.3% abv
Rusty Giraffe 4.5% abv
Whim of Hartington; Derbyshire
Earl Grey Bitter 4.2% abv
Red House Ruby Porter 4.7% abv
Wild of Westcombe; Somerset
Millionaire Milk Stout 4.7% abv
Summer Riot 4.9% abv
Windswept of Lossiemouth; Moray
Weizen 5.2% abv
Wolf 6% abv
Wolf of Besthorpe; Norfolk
Sirius Dog Star 4.4% abv
Woild Moild 4.8% abv
Xtreme Ales of Peterborough
Aussie Sand Piper 5% abv
Big TonKa 9% abv
Chocolate Stout 5% abv
Posh Pigeon 4.3% abv
Sticky Pigeon 5% abv [FS]
Yeovil of Yeovil; Somerset
Hop # 173 4.2% abv