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Check this box if you have worked at Peterborough Beer Festival before.
If you are not a member and have not worked at the festival before then you must be sponsored by a CAMRA member. Please give their name and membership number below.
Whilst we acknowledge that this is a family festival, circumstances have forced us to tighten up our policy on children of staff being on site. No-one under 16 can be on site before Tuesday 25th, and after that, anyone under 14 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian will be asked to take the child away or asked to leave if their child is found repeatedly without supervision.
Check this box if you have a valid personal alcohol licence.
Check this box if you have a valid first aid certificate.
Let us know if you have any other skills or qualifications that could be of use to the festival.
Please rank your preferred jobs in the in the boxes below 1 2 3 4 etc.
While we will endeavor to match you up with one of your preferred jobs, we can make no guarantee.
Please give us a name and phone number to contact in case of emergency.
Please let us know of any special dietary needs and any food allergies.
If you wish to park in the staff car park then please ensure you tick the box as we will be sending out car park passes before the festival, and without that you won\'t be able to park in the car park at the start of your first shift.
Sunday11th August 
Thursday15th August
Friday16th August
Saturday17th August
Sunday18th August
Monday19th August
Daytime Evening
Tuesday *20th August
Wednesday21st August
Thursday22nd August
Friday23rd August
Saturday24th August
Sunday25th August  
Monday26th August
Tuesday27th August
Tuesday is our Trade Day and is a time where some of our volunteers like to spend time socialising with the many brewers and landlords who visit us. If you would like to volunteer to work this day we need assurances that you will be behind the bar for the majority of your preferred shift (comfort breaks and beer breaks are fine so long as they are of suitably short duration). If you feel that you are unable to commit sufficient time working then we are happy to provide you with complimentary tickets for this day (use the Trade Ticket form and indicate \'Staff\'). Only volunteer for Tuesday if you are prepared to work.
Here you can add any notes that you think the Staffing Officer will find useful. For instance, do you always work on one particular bar? Do you always work with someone and would prefer to work with them again? Are you related to anyone already working at the festival? etc etc
If you have any medical conditions of which we should be aware then please send details to our staffing officer by letter or email (Please be aware that email is not secure). All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Receipt of this form will only be acknowledged automatically by email. You are volunteering to help at the festival. It is an unpaid temporary position. You will receive confirmation of the days you will be required. Please don\'t assume that you will be required for all of the days you volunteer for. Occasionally we have to decline some volunteers due to over staffing. We apologise for this but we can only support a certain number of volunteers.
I agree to abide by the Festival's Health & Safety guidelines, a copy of which will be given to me before I start work at the festival.
NB: Required inputs are displayed in bold.
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